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​​Why Tetra Pak?

There are many reasons to choose Tetra Pak​ as your future employer. Working is a big part of your life. Sometimes you probably spend more time at work and with your colleagues, than with family and friends. So it's  important that you feel both satisfied and challenged by your daily tasks. And that your work gives you personal space and leisure activities. That's when you are motivated to perform at your best.

A demanding and rewarding company
We provide many opportunities and put a lot of emphasis on supporting your development. But do not expect us to tell you what to do or where to go. Instead, we expect you to act, make decisions and contribute to the company according to our core values.

Growing with the company
Once you join Tetra Pak, there are many ways to go even further. You will find security in your own competence, rather than your organisational belonging.

At Tetra Pak, we believe that your satisfaction comes from developing and using your competence to meet your own goals and those of Tetra Pak. In our opinion, competence is an employee's capability and attitude to use his or her knowledge, experience, and skills to successfully realise the company's business objectives.

You are expected to share your knowledge with colleagues and partners and to always focus on finding the best solution in every situation. This paves the way for creating possibilities by those that are committed to keeping a bright future in focus.

Managing your own development
Our competence development process is the link between business and people. We use it to make sure that each person is in the right position, according to his or her competence, at the right time. Every year, this process will give you honest and relevant feedback on your performance and the opportunity to discuss your future career with your manager. Freedom with accountability is provided for each individual, to use to the best of his or her ability.

The competence development process is important to ensure that we never lose people of high potential because of a lack of opportunities to develop. By using this process we also make sure we create competitive advantages, by developing people with wider experience, giving you the opportunities to cross national, business area and functional borders.

Life balance
Tetra Pak chooses people who see their work as a vital part of life. We want you to give a lot of your energy to your job, contributing to the constant growth and success of the company. But this does not mean we look exclusively for people who will put all their energy in one place. Quite the contrary. Your life outside your job is an important source of the energy needed at work. We are convinced the best results are achieved when we create a balance between people from different phases of life.

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