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Globe of people

23,500 employees

At Tetra Pak we are 23,500 employees striving to make food safe and available everywhere. With our 114 offices and 42 factories spread all around the world, we provide exciting opportunities to work across geographic boundaries and interact with other nationalities.

Mix of fruits and vegetables

Food from all around the world

Today our packages are sold in more than 170 countries. That is close to 90% of all the world's countries! Besides milk, our packages and processing solutions are ideal for yoghurt, juice, hummus, nectars, ayran and beans (just to mention a few).

View our processing and packaging solutions for food and beverages.

Tetra Pak carton family

179 billion packages

Each day 490 million Tetra Pak packages are produced. In 2014 alone, our customers sold food products in over 179 billion Tetra Pak packages to consumers all over the world.

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A glas of milk

Fresh milk in the Sahara

Thanks to our aseptic processing and packaging solutions, food can be distributed without cooling or preservatives. Bringing health and refreshment to billions.

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Two children drinking milk

Nutrition to 67 million school children

Packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium and other nutrients, milk helps children to grow and learn more. We make it happen together with our partners.

Read more about our school feeding programmes and Food for development.

A pioneering spirit of innovation

Smart by nature

By using bio-based material from sugar cane, we recently launched the first fully plant based package, Tetra Rex® bio-based.

Read more about our Tetra Rex® bio-based carton and our bio-based caps

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