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Tetra Alex® HD Energy IQ

Cuts energy costs and carbon footprint by up to 52%

The patented, pioneering design of our HD EnergyIQ for Tetra Alex® homogenizers gives you the most efficient homogenizing device on the market. HD EnergyIQ requires less pressure, typically 40-50 bar less, to achieve the same NIZO values, cutting your energy costs and environmental impact significantly.

For example, replacing the HD 1 with HD EnergyIQ in Tetra Alex 350 and running 3.5% white milk at a NIZO of 70% (at 15,000 l/h) it is possible to lower the pressure from 148 bar down to 83, cutting your energy consumption by 44% – and at a NIZO of 85%, that cuts your energy consumption and costs by 52%.

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