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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Soya milk and
​soya based beverages​​

Soya beverages are healthy drinks because they are cholesterol free, low in fat and contains phytochemicals​. They provide an alternative drink to dairy products for lactose intolerant people since they are lactose free. Soya extract, which is the base in soya beverages can also be used as a base in manufacturing tofu.

Beany or low beany - a matter of taste

Soya beverages can be divided in beany or low beany tasting. Beany tasting, the more traditional flavour, is preferred by people in Asian countries where people in non-Asian countries particularly since their use of soymilk is as a replacement for cow's milk and hence a neutral, non-beany taste is preferred.​

Tetra Pak@ has extensive knowledge in processing soy including a knowledge centre for soya and coconut products in Singapore. Read more about the Tetra Pak’s Soya and Coconut Knowledge Centre.

The Tetra Alwin® Soy processing unit for soy is a flexible system to produce both a beany tasting soyamilk or a low beany tasting soyamilk.​

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