Our Sustainability Report - in a good package

Welcome to Tetra Pak Nordics' Sustainability Report for the 2015 business year. It started out in 1999 as an environmental report for Sweden, but today it covers our operations in all Nordic and Baltic countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

You can download it as a pdf in English or in Swedish or order a hard copy.

Tetra Pak's worldwide initiatives in environmental and social responsibility are primarily conducted by global divisions within the Tetra Pak Group and reported in our sustainability report, Sustainability Update.

Half-way to the 2020 targets

In 2010 we set three ambitious environmental targets to be fulfilled by 2020:

  • Reduce environmental impact throughout the value chain
  • Develop sustainable products
  • Increase recycling

“Generally speaking, we are well on the way, although a number of challenges remain,” is how Erik Lindroth sums up the results to date.

Our first environmental goal of reducing environmental impact across the value chain grew from the desire that we should continue to grow and develop as a company without increasing our climate footprint. So we decided to cap our emissions at the 2010 level.

The results toward our climate goal are pointing in the right direction. With five years to go to the 2020 target we are ahead of schedule.

Highlights 2015

Good Packaging For A Good Life

In March 2015, we started communicating in a new way with both customers and consumers. The purpose is to spread knowledge and call for conscious packaging choices. In all the Nordic and Baltic markets together, there are about 17 billion choices of packages a year so of course the choice of package matters. The environmental awareness of Nordic consumers has increased noticeably in recent years and sales of organic food products is rising steadily.

We want to define what a good package is, and call for conscious packaging choices. Because all good choices matter.

Finnish world premiere for fully plant-based packaging

The big event of the year was when we together with our Finnish dairy customer launched a beverage carton consisting entirely of renewable raw materials. All plastic in the new, totally renewable packages comes from sugar cane and like the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certified carton, can be traced back to its origins.


Additional downloads

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