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​​​​​Cheese making equipment​ for any cheese variety

Our long experience in providing cheese making equipment makes us your best possible partner for all your cheese making technology requirements.

We have proven systems and technology to provide you with solutions for any cheese variety s​​uch as cheddar, semihard, pasta filata, Swiss, Feta (UF or traditional) and cottage cheese. In addition to implementing solutions for all cheese types, we can support you all over the world.

Our acquisition of CPS to form Tetra Pak Cheese and Powder Systems (Tetra Pak CPS), gives you access to a wide range of products and systems, and the best of branded equipment from both companies.

We can provide you with expertise in evaporated and dried powders. Together with our existing membrane and separation technology, our evaporators and dryers enable you to produce a range of new and rapidly growing whey based products such as whey protein concentrates and isolates, lactose, permeates and minerals.