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Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex/VTIS

The most common way to extend shelf life of Dairy product is high heat treatment. Typically, temperatures are between 270 and 290F for a hold time of 3 - 5 sec.

Tetra Pak offers unique solutions for ESL Production. The choices of each processor will be dictated by the type of products to be processed and the specific conditions of each plant. Tetra Pak will provide guidance through a number of critical choices:

  • Plate or Tubular Heat Exchangers
  • Direct or Indirect Heat Treatment
  • Injection and Infusion technologies

The processing of ESL Products often includes heat treatment, standardization, and homogenization, prior to aseptic buffering and packaging. A number of essential options need to be reviewed for each process processing step. Among them, for instance:

  • Extended Run times
  • Fat Standardization in line with high heat treatment
  • Blending Techniques such as high shear mixers for formulated products preparation
  • Aseptic Dosing of Ingredients, after sterilization

Tetra Pak offers not only the best solution for ESL Processing of low acid products, but supports the entire industry by providing product development services, technical services, training services and a 24/7 customer support unique in the industry.