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Tetra Pak, the world leader in the liquid food processing industry, offers a complete range of flow equipment including pumps, valves, fittings and more for all your sanitary processing needs. Our premium flow equipment outperforms customers’ expectations for installations, performance and sanitary production. 

Valves are a very important flow component in the food and sanitary processing industry. They control, direct and regulate the flow of a fluid by opening, closing or obstructing food/fluid passageways.

Tetra Pak offers the complete Alfa Laval range of sanitary, easy to maintain, and cost effective valves that have been proven across a wide spectrum of applications. All Alfa Laval valves offer world class quality that has been successfully used in different sanitary production lines for decades. 

Tetra Pak offers the new line of Single Seat Valves and Mixproof Valves developed to fit your unique, special needs. Tetra Pak can also offer loose valves, valve solutions and valve clusters to suit all your specific processing needs.


Advantages/Features of the Tetra Pak valves:

  • Versatile and reliable valves.
  • Superior valve process safety.
  • Exceptional hygiene.
  • Greater durability.
  • Spare parts and service availability.


Benefits for your business:

  • Deliver products that meet the highest hygiene standards.
  • Higher ROI – production efficiency.
  • Lower downtime: easy upgrading, expansion and reconfiguration.
  • Lower operational cost: savings on time, manpower and elimination of downtime and reduced spare parts inventory.


Tri Clover (Tri-Flo) valves
For many years Alfa Laval’s Tri Clover and Tri-Flo valves brands were in the market to satisfy the sanitary industry’s needs. Today Tri Clover’s valves are no longer available in the market, but Tetra Pak can help you select the correct replacement for any Tri Clover valve with a new high technology Alfa Laval valve from our portfolio.