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Mixproof Valves

The exceptional concept of the Alfa Laval mixproof valve is characterized by excellent, unmatched flexibility - yet still being very simple. The reliable modular design gives you the perfect valve for your exact needs in all mixproof operations with two different products flowing through one valve.

The unique quality of this mixproof valve is the system of combining specific features and functions from a great variety of options offered.

The mixproof valves have several valve bodies and components that can be combined in various ways and used as stop valves or changeover valves. They are also aligned with the requirements of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) and are built on safe, proven, hygienic design.

The concept of Unique centers around the customer's needs and provides modern, tailor-made solutions that are secured for the future. The customer gets exactly what they need and only that. Only Alfa Laval valves offer the possibility of not choosing unnecessary features and functions, thus avoiding problems caused by a non-adapted product. The Unique Mixproof Valve is designed with user flexibility in mind. The customer can choose additional options as required individually; for example, higher hygiene demands or higher resistance against physically tough conditions.

Tetra Pak can also help you to design and deliver a complete Mixproof valve cluster prepared for your future growing needs in an easy way.

Significant features of the Mixproof Valves:

  • PMO Mixproof and Tank Outlet Mixproof valves available.
  • Simple, excellent flexibility.
  • Adaption to all working conditions by combining components.
  • Logically structured maintenance and valve assembly.
  • Adaption and/or up/downgrading on site with the up/downgrading kits.
  • Easy troubleshooting.
  • Secured for future changes in working conditions.
  • Fully configurable valve.
  • Spiral clean option for upper & lower balance plugs and leakage port.
  • Fast-acting actuator.
  • Think Top control top available with up to three solenoids.


Mixproof valves provide maximum flexibility and safety in sanitary flow processing by making it possible to handle two different fluids at the same time, with no risk of cross-contamination.