Tetra Pak® Simply 8

Low investment - High performance

  • Reliable machine, simple to operate & maintain
  • Low operational costs, high efficiency
  • Machine designed for easy operator access
  • Stainless steel machine body
  • Space efficient


Operator Interface

It has never been easier...

The production is easily managed through a touch-screen Operator Panel system placed at eye-level for quick and easy access. All major functions can be initiated and supervised with this panel.

Aseptic zone

Ensures aseptic conditions in an economical way

The flow of sterile air needed to maintain aseptic conditions is fully controlled in a closed loop, and designed to auto-correct if deviations occur. The smallness of the aseptic zone leads to savings in the consumption of both power and peroxide.

Deep peroxide bath

For safer packaging material sterilisation

A peroxide bath, as opposed to a spray system, sterilises the packaging material inside and out. A special thermal carpet keeps the peroxide bath at the optimum sterilisation temperature.

Package Types

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