Houten, NL

Tetra Pak Processing Systems has received a nomination for the Process Innovation Prize 2016 (PIP) with its latest innovation, the Tetra Pak Flexline Cheese

Tetra Pak introduces a revolutionary flexible cheese production line that allows each batch to produce a different kind and format of cheese. This all being done with minimal loss of time and maintaining a high quality cheese and whey. Additionally, this new method offers the possibility to create cheeses that were impossible to produce by traditional ways or only at very high production costs.

Solid and/or fluid ingredients can now be added to the curd after the whey has been separated instead of adding them to the curd-whey mixture. This prevents substantial amounts of the ingredients contaminating the valuable whey which can now be used for other applications such as baby food.

To form the cheese and to remove the last bit of whey, an innovative combination of vacuum technique and atmospheric pressure is used. This way of working is unique within the cheese making industry.

In short, Tetra Pak Flexline is the answer to the growing demand for specialty cheeses offering high flexibility and premium quality cheese and whey.

Besides the nomination for the PIP by the jury, the public can also vote for their favourite innovation. The winning innovation will be announced on October 4th 2016 during the Industrial Processing exhibition (NL).

Proces Innovatie Prijs 2016