Some of the stories that drive our ambition

From glaciers melting in Greenland to droughts in Africa and monsoons in India, the effects of climate change are having a tremendous impact on communities around the world. Hear the real-world stories that inspire us and guide our work towards the world’s most sustainable food package.   

Watching climate change in real time

In his travels as a photographer, Peter Jensen of Nuuk, Greenland has been witnessing the effects of climate change all over the country. Between 2008 and 2015, he saw the disappearance of a glacier that once stood one kilometer tall.
Inuit man on ice

When your way of life evaporates

Once a source of life for locals who fished its waters and farmed along its banks, Bolivia’s Lake Poopó is now a desert. Scientists fear that thanks to a warming environment it may never refill.1 Teodoro Copajira Copa has been living near the lake for 45 years. He prays, for the sake of his children, that one day the lake will return.
Man standing next to boat

Related Stories

Girl walking water

The wettest India in 25 years

In 2019, India’s monsoon season saw the highest amount of rain in more than 25 years.2 The country is suffering big consequences of global greenhouse gas emissions. It’s one of the reasons the UN is calling for more ambitious actions around curbing emissions.

Girl standing desert

Droughts sweep Southern Africa

Droughts are becoming longer and harsher in Southern Africa, threatening maize, the region’s staple drop, community water supplies and food security. The United Nations estimates that more than 11 million people across the region now face crisis levels of food insecurity. 3