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Global and regional efforts are underway

Recycling is a shared responsibility. We have founded and joined several associations aimed at addressing collection and recycling of cartons, as well as promoting recyclability and increasing recycling rates.

How industry coalitions help advance recycling around the world


Helping set the strategy for increased recycling

Working across the value chain means addressing everything from consumer awareness, collection and sorting infrastructure, through to increasing the value of recycled materials. Partnership and collaboration with stakeholders are critical to building sustainable recycling value chains. 

As a part of our efforts to increase recycling rates, we support packaging recovery organisations, multi-stakeholder alliances and initiatives, beverage carton associations and recyclers. We work with them on product, equipment and technology development, with the aim of expanding the recycling of packaging. This is important for ensuring carton packages can be recycled in the markets where our business operates. 

In 2019, in response to the increased focus on extended producer responsibility worldwide and to the Single Use Plastic Directive in Europe, we were part of setting up many of today’s top recycling and circularity industry initiatives. In 2020, these became fully operational, and we continued to play an active role. 

The 3R Initiative

The 3R Initiative (3RI) was created with the mission to catalyse zero plastic waste leadership. The initiative supports a market for plastic credits that will sustainably increase the value of plastic and carton package waste and incentivise new activities that support the circular economy. Tetra Pak is a founding member, together with Nestlé, Danone, BVRio, Verra, and other NGOs and service providers.

The Consumer Goods Forum

We are a proud member of the CGF Plastic Waste Coalition for Action, along with 40 of the world’s leading brands and retailers. We are a member of all workstreams, including on packaging design, EPR and chemical recycling. Some recent achievements include finalising the first two in a planned series of “golden design rules” aimed at accelerating progress towards the Coalition’s aim of using less and better plastic and signing a memorandum of understanding with the Packaging and Recycling Association for Indonesia’s Sustainable Environment (PRAISE) to explore ways of accelerating recycling in the country and support the scaling up of industry action.


We are a founding member of 4evergreen, an industry alliance of 59 members that aims to boost the contribution of paper-based packaging in a circular and sustainable economy. We also founded EXTR:ACT in the EU and the Carton Council in North America, both of which foster the full recycling of carton packages. 

Global Recycling Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment

We joined forces with leaders from suppliers and competitors including BillerudKorsnäs, Elopak, SIG Combibloc and Stora Enso to form GRACE, of which we are also co-chair. GRACE brings together producers of carton packages, liquid paperboard and similar paper-based packaging to promote their products’ assets and increase effective collection and recycling worldwide. 

By being part of these initiatives, we believe we can contribute more and make a bigger impact on recycling around the world.  

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