Today’s consumer expects food to be consistent in taste, colour, texture and nutritional value. Our packages are designed to protect and preserve food to meet these expectations.
Three woman having a meal

Supply chain auditing

All Tetra Pak processing and packaging equipment is designed to meet the most advanced hygiene standards, satisfy all legal obligations and minimise waste. Ensuring quality starts with the rigorous auditing of raw materials suppliers. All base materials used in our packaging are fully compliant with relevant food contact legislation. Plant automation and integration means we can ensure quality control as a product goes along the production line.

Engaging our customers

Drawing on over 60 years of professional insight, our aseptic performance specialists work to measure, benchmark and prevent food safety and quality issues, while our service teams offer ongoing training (at customer sites or at our training facilities) for plant operators around handling, storing and displaying products along the production line.

Quality can also be compromised during transportation and distribution. We therefore carry out rigorous tests across the value chain to ensure that products are fully protected.

Food loss and waste

Tetra Pak’s cutting-edge processing and packaging equipment keeps food from being spilled or spoilt in the early stages of production and our packaging solutions prolong the life of food and help prevent it from perishing – this is where we believe our greatest impacts are in reducing food losses.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that around a third of food produced is lost or wasted. Additionally, food losses and waste account for around 8 percent of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, the same as road transport. Reducing food loss and waste is one of the founding principles of our business.