Key actionable insights gained about Russian brand

This was the first campaign of its kind in Russia with Tetra Pak QR codes. The aim was to generate consumer loyalty to the customer’s brands and to switch consumer attention away from competitors. Our customer, a fruit juice and nectar producer, gained 88,392 visitors to the campaign website of which 38,700 participated in the campaign by scanning 123,378 packs during the seventeen-week period. 

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Challenge – boost awareness

The Russian juice and nectar market is highly competitive. One of the main players in this market wanted to boost the awareness of three of their main brands in an innovative way to build loyalty.

Solution –  sales promotion campaign based on QR codes

Promotions based on our Connected Package have been tried successfully in other parts of the world but this is the first ever customer driven Russian sales promotion campaign based on QR codes on Tetra Pak cartons.

We supported the customer by supplying packages featuring a unique QR code on each pack. For the campaign, there were a total of 7 million unique QR codes. We supplied the back-end IT solution based on Tetra Pak Consumer Engagement APIs. We also supported the customer with the Campaign Portal tools for real-time campaign scanning data.

A clever piece of design was to place the QR code partially under the crease of the fold at the top so it could not be read until the package was unfolded. The aim was to reduce fraudulent scanning of the QR code in the store before purchase.

The company promoted this campaign using social media, digital media and point-of-sale material as well as six Internet influencers who reached a total audience of 75,000 people.

Scanning the code led the participant to a specially designed website where they could register to enter a weekly lottery with prizes such as Airpods, Airwatches, Airpads and iPhones from Apple. Each time a participant scanned the code, they received an incentive in the form of 30 roubles worth of free airtime. The campaign used the message: “A gift in every pack”.

Of the 7 million packs, 123,378 packs were scanned and registered using the campaign site. In total, 88,392 people visited the campaign site of which 38,700 participants registered. This is a registration rate of 44 % which is way higher in comparison with the industry’s average registration rate of 4.6–5.5 % according to the customer’s marketing agency.

In addition, 28,015 active users out of the 38,700 registered participants scanned more than one QR code. The average number of QR codes scanned by these active users was 4.4 codes per active user.    

The timing of the campaign from April to July 2020 coincided partly with the Covid-19 pandemic and the period of lockdown in Russia during April and May. This affected the sales of the juice category as a whole but, nevertheless, the campaign was still deemed to be a success. The pandemic meant people were spending more time at home looking at digital content. Indeed, each visitor to the campaign website spent almost 4 minutes on average per session. 

Since our customer was also interested in understanding their consumers in a better way, our solution provided in-depth insights into the brands’ consumer segments. According to the results of the campaign, males constituted 60% of the participants. Another interesting insight was related to the age of most participants, which ranged from 18 to 30 years old. This was surprising given that the original target audience of the three brands was women and men aged 30–40 years old. These insights were highly appreciated by our customer who was thrilled to learn that these brands also attract younger consumers. The customer is now working on updating the communication and marketing plans in the light of these insights provided by our solution

Case in short

Result achieved:

88,392 number of unique visitors to the campaign website

38,516 number of users who registered on the site – 44% of the total visitors (benchmark: 4.6–5.5% registration rate)

28,015 number of active users with one or more registered QR codes – 72% of the total active users (benchmark: 60%)

4.4 average scans per active user

123,378 valid scans