Tetra Pak® Powder Mixer B

Hygienic, reliable and quick powder mixing

Our new portfolio of the Tetra Pak® Powder Mixer B for powder ingredients comprises three batch paddle mixers, specifically designed for quick, accurate and gentle powder-to-powder mixing for all kinds of powder ingredients in food production. Now available in three capacities (the 600-litre B1200; 1,000-litre B2000 and 1,750-litre B3500), all sizes secure food safety with the highest hygiene and enable the fastest cleaning and lowest downtime in the industry for powder-to-powder mixing. The reliable and robust design requires minimal maintenance and ensures the highest level of safety for operators.​

Powdered infant formula

Quick, accurate mixing with low deviation

The portfolio delivers high consistent homogeneity and above 99% accuracy. Twin-paddle shaft technology lets you maximize throughput and number of batches, handling up to ten batches per hour. Based on our database of over 5,000 powders and detailed homogeneity performance trials, we help you select the optimal mixer size, powder-filling ratio and cycle time for your specific products. Take the opportunity to perform homogeneity trials with your specific products at our product development centre in Le May-sur-Évre, France.
Baby drinking formula

Secure food safety with the highest hygiene

Thanks to our intensively tested design, this portfolio of mixers secures paddle clearance and thus eliminates contamination risk. They are also designed for cleanability and are fully openable and inspectable. Features include a fully welded top with no seals, edges or sharp corners plus dust-tight door seals. To minimize powder residue, the internal surface roughness is under 0.8 microns and the inspection doors and outlet hatch are flushed with the inner surface.

Smart features save time and effort

Fast cleaning and low downtime

Every element of this portfolio is designed to streamline the cleaning process – so cleaning is required less often and takes less time and effort. Inspection hatches allow quick assessment of cleaning needs without stopping production and opening the mixer. Large doors with patented ergonomic handles and cantilevered shaft enable fast and full accessibility to the mixing vessel for cleaning. And our patented discharge valve is fully dismountable and rotates outward for easy and ergonomic access to the hatch and seals in just a few seconds.

Our portfolio of powder mixers delivers industry’s fastest dry cleaning and lowest downtime in powder-to-powder mixing

Just 10 minutes for a simple flushing and only 90 minutes and one operator for a thorough cleaning with vacuum and dust-cloth – that’s all you need to clean our powder-to-powder mixers. This represents the fastest cleaning in the industry and significantly cuts your downtime for cleaning, delivering big savings on your overall operational costs. That’s vital in production where high hygiene is the top priority. In infant formula production, for example, every hour of cleaning time saved is worth approximately €125,000.
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Twin-paddle shaft technology for convection blending

This portfolio of mixers is equipped with synchronized rotating shafts that circulate powder effectively in the mixing vessel. As you can see here, the shafts move in counter-rotating directions from the outer wall to the centre of the mixing tank, creating a product fluidization zone (A) and a product circulation zone (B). Paddle mixing ensures the quickest, most accurate mixing compared to alternative technologies.