Recycling activities in UK

Tetra Pak® is working hard to ensure that more and more people are able to recycle their cartons in the UK. Over 90% of Local Authorities are now collecting cartons for recycling, and more than 65% of Local Authorities are helping people to recycle from their homes.

Our industry body ACE UK, which has a dedicated recycling team offering advice and support for local authorities and community recycling networks (CRN) wishing to collect cartons. Contacts in local authorities or CRNs who want to find out more about how to start collecting cartons at kerbside, can contact the ACE UK recycling team (Tel: 01606 530320, Email: who will be able to talk through the process and answer their questions.

Where can I recycle?

Click below to use our interactive map and find out where you can recycle cartons.

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing consists of looking at what we purchase beyond the more traditional aspects of cost, quality and delivery time. This is one of the strategic objectives for our supply chain operations.


As a major user of paperboard, we have a responsibility to ensure the world's forests are managed in a socially, environmentally and economically sound way. We are working to ensure 100 percent of the paperboard in our packages is from certified sources.

Sustainable packages

Our long-term ambition is that all our packaging material will be made from 100 percent renewable materials, without compromising safety, quality or functionality.