Supplement to our global sustainability report

Environment and sustainability are becoming increasingly important for successful products. Today´s consumers want to make environmentally conscious decisions. Our active work in North Europe is yielding results and we are achieving a reduced climate impact, at the same time as our sales are increasing. We also work to reduce the impact of our customers by offering packaging solutions that are increasingly plant-based. Learn how we want to encourage good and active choices in everyday life and find out more about our journey towards an increasingly strong sustainability profile in collaboration with our customers and suppliers. Tetra Pak's overall sustainability work is reported in our global sustainability report. You will find it here.
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Jersey Dairy goes fully plant-based

Jersey Dairy is on a decisive sustainability journey. The focus on responsibility and reduced environmental footprint is driven by consumer interest. The dairy company has chosen fully plant-based packaging for all basic milk products. The new packaging, Tetra Rex® Plant-based, is made from renewable materials and is Carbon Trust certified. By going fully plant-based, Jersey Dairy has reduced the carbon emissions of its packaging by 22%.
Jersey Dairy

Liquid eggs - now in Tetra Rex® Plant-based

Balticovo is the largest egg product manufacturer in north Europe with more than 45 years of experience. In 2019, the company's range of liquid egg products was relaunched under the new name Eva. Simultaneously, Balticovo converted from HDPE plastic packaging to Tetra Rex Plant-based. The business has a strong focus on sustainability, both when it comes to animal welfare and packaging choices. By using eggs from free-range hens only and converting to a climate-smart carton packaging, Balticovo has accelerated its transformation. With a new brand and packaging, the company has set its sights on increasing exports enabling more consumers to enjoy a simpler everyday life.
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Sustainability Report 2020

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