​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every package counts

Local Swedish dairy chooses Tetra Rex® to solve ‘off-taste’ problem

The local dairy at Källsjö in Halland, Sweden, currently only package 2000 litres of milk every other day, which amounts to approximately 350 000 litres per year. Nonetheless, they have a sound business concept and we are committed to helping them achieve their growth ambitions.

Cheesecake made in the kitchen

The founders of Källsjö Dairy first began to discuss the idea of producing food locally about ten years ago. Their original product was a handmade cheesecake - and it really was handmade by them in their own home. Their early customers were delighted with the result, which encouraged them to establish the Källsjö Dairy in 2006 on the premises of the old country store. Cheese, milk, cream and another classical Swedish dessert, kalvdans, (literally translated as cow's dance), were soon added to their product range.

Local sourcing and self-sufficiency

Local sourcing is an important principle for Källsjö. All the milk used in the dairy's products comes from their own farms in Egnared and Torsebo, and most of the other ingredients are also bought from local suppliers. Self-sufficiency is another important principle for the dairy's founders. In order to fill and package their own milk products, they bought a low cost gable top filling machine from the Italian company, Galdi. To begin with, packaging material was sourced from a small supplier in Sweden.

Off-taste leads to packaging material switch

However, the dairy's customers soon reported that the milk had a slight off-taste. If this situation had been allowed to continue, it could really have damaged their business. So, early in 2014, Källsjö Dairy turned to Tetra Pak for help. "We needed to help them remedy this problem quickly," says key account manager Michael Aly. "A small local dairy only gets one chance to impress its customers. If the milk doesn't taste good the first time they try it, people will not come back for more." Tetra Pak managed to affect the packaging material change over in about three weeks, including changing the printing method used for Källsjö's package décor.

Supporting a growing customer

Given that they produce such small volumes why is Källsjö such an interesting customer for us?  "They are a new player in the market," says Michael, "and they have ambitions to grow volumes to 3 million packages per year. But even at current volumes, we are happy to supply Källsjö. The founders are committed to this business and doing a great job.  At Tetra Pak, we sometimes say 'every million counts'. I would like to extend that and say 'every package counts.​'"

Read more about Tetra Rex packaging solutions and visit the Källsjö dairy web site www.kallsjomejeri.se (in Swedish)

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