Tetra Pak® Dust Filter FL200

Hygienic reverse jet filter for dust filtration

  • High level of hygiene – EC, ATEX and EAC compliant
  • Integrated pressure differential measurement system
  • Flexible mounting positions for best workflow and safe, fast cleaning
Tetra Pak® Dust Filter FL200

Tetra Pak® Dust Filter FL200

With its improved filter design, the Tetra Pak® Dust Filter FL200 meets the high hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. It features an integrated pressure drop measurement system and a hygienic reverse jet filter to secure a safe, reliable filtering process. The removable sleeve and base plate ensure easy access for safer cleaning, while flexible mounting positions secures an optimal operator workflow.

Quick facts

For filtering of fines and powders for baby food, dairy and nutritional products and supplements.


Air flow: 700-2200 m3/h .


Easy maintenance

Flexible design for easy access

The parts of the Tetra Pak® Dust Filter FL200 are very easy to access. The clever sleeve clipping system allows a very quick changeover and the support base plate on hinge gives full access to the process side area for safe cleaning. The utilities control system is also easily accessible.

Highly hygienic

Highly hygienic

Ideal for high-hygiene applications

The improved filter design with its patented sleeve sealing guarantees there is no dust leak. Specific sleeve manufacturing with PTFE membrane coating and no apparent sewing prevent fiber release into the product to secure a high level of hygiene. The Tetra Pak® Dust Filter FL200 is ideal for handling powders for baby food, nutritional products and pharmaceuticals.

Reliable filtration

Reliable filtration

A secure and efficient process

The dust filter features a proven, robust design for vacuum and pressure application. The integrated pressure differential measurement continuously controls filter clogging. It also has a controlled air exhaust with less than 5mg of powder per m3.