Improved hygiene and ergonomics for powder handling

Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit SA VS800

The Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit SA VS800 is all about powder handling efficiency. Combining best-in-class food safety, enhanced production rates and improved working conditions for operators, it is an automatic bag opening solution for efficient emptying of powder bags.

Improved working conditions for operators

Via a conveyor, the powder bags are transported into the hygienic area, where they are automatically opened and discharged. This means less heavy lifting for the operator. Safety is also in focus: there is no manual use of knives, and two-hand buttons protect the operator during the cutting sequence.
Top view of Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit SA VS800

Hygienic design for optimal food safety

Easily cleanable, stainless steel surfaces and no operator contact with product - the Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit SA VS800 is designed for optimal food safety. You also have the option to include the removal of foreign bodies.
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Full flexibility

With its modular design, the Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit SA VS800 gives you full flexibility. The solution offers many options – from covering basic needs to a fully automatic solution, handling bag depalletizing and bag waste.

Want to get an overview of the options and possibilities the modular approach offers?

Enhanced production efficiency

The automatic bag opening solution enables increased production rates. It makes it possible to double the throughput compared to a manual solution – and it means less heavy labour for the operator, too. Cost-efficiency is also achieved through minimal powder losses, consistent performance and low energy consumption.
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