That is our promise, and relates not just to ensuring the safety of the food we eat and drink. It’s also about minimising our impact on the environment; helping our customers build their businesses; ensuring a robust, reliable and far-reaching food supply; and improving the health and lifestyles of people. It is about creating sustainable growth for Tetra Pak, its customers and to contribute to sustainable economic, environmental and social development.
Sustainable carton package minimising our impact on the environment


At Tetra Pak, we live by our motto 'Protects What's Good'. Protecting food has long been at the very heart of our business. But it goes further: it is about protecting people - our employees, the communities in which we operate, and society. And it is about protecting futures - by developing products and services that will support the future growth of our customers and by acting and operating in ways that best protect the environment. Tetra Pak aims to: Promote food safety and environment sustainability by educating consumers across all strata of society, Create awareness and build infrastructure to improve the education, health and lifestyles of underprivileged communities and minimize our impact on the environment by building a recycling ecosystem to help collect and recycle used beverage cartons.


Employee Volunteering Programme

With the aim of reaching out to the larger community and promoting our core values while also addressing their needs, we recently launched our very own employee volunteering programme, iProtect. Under iProtect, our employee volunteering programme, employees are encouraged to take up volunteering opportunities under three focus areas: education, environment and health and nutrition. Employees have been enthusiastically volunteering for year-long activities across locations to spread goodwill and happiness.
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