Food safety plays an increasingly important role in our lives, and Tetra Pak’s processing and packaging technology plays a vital role in ensuring that milk, juices and food packaged in Tetra Pak packages retain their freshness and nutrition without the need for preservatives. In line with our vision of making food safe and available everywhere for everyone, Tetra Pak has been working closely with credible bodies to create awareness around Food Safety through various initiatives to educate and equip consumers to make the right food choices when it comes to food consumption.

What’s your
Nutrition Quotient (NQ)?

“Nutrition Quotient” was a unique educational initiative led by Tetra Pak and health experts from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS, Department of Community Medicine), Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) and Indian Medical Academy (IMA).

NQ was the first online course of its kind on food safety, nutrition and packaging. The programme was spear headed by health experts and was completely free. These modules are intended to provide education and training to professionals in the field of nutrition, food science and technology.

NQ was not about just analyzing your nutritional knowledge, but also educating mothers and health professionals on important areas of Nutrition, Food safety and Packaging, and important things like tips for healthy eating, how to manage your kitchen, busting food related myths and more. More than 3000 health professionals and 4000 mothers completed the course and equipped themselves with the right knowledge on food safety and nutrition.
Nutrition Quotient

Right to Keep Food Safe

In a quest to understand food safety issues, a research survey 'Conversations With Mothers' was conducted in association with Research Pacific India. The survey findings revealed that ‘one in every three mothers’ mothers surveyed were unsure about the safety and quality of food that she gives to her family. The survey also revealed that mothers are most concerned about the freshness and purity of the food they consume as well as the risk of its adulteration and hence they seek a clear need to have easy access to better information.

Such facts encouraged Tetra Pak to launch the ‘Right to Keep Food Safe’ initiative on the World Food Day' in October 2014 focused on understanding and improving the concerns & perceptions of mothers regarding nutrition, health and food safety. Aimed towards sensitizing mothers across the nation on food safety issues and to empower them with the knowledge and information to make safe food choices.
Right to Keep Food Safe , a public awarenss initiative by Tetra Pak & The Times of India

Safe and Nutritious Food

Tetra Pak has partnered with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for their campaign around Safe and Nutritious Food. The recently launched campaign is aimed at spreading awareness about food safety and nutritious food through interactive workshops at over 100 schools, RWAs and other locations across South Delhi and Gurugram between May and July 2017. This partnership is an extension of Tetra Pak ‘Safe for Sure’ campaign which was launched to create awareness about the benefits of UHT milk and aseptic technology. The campaign is delivering the message through special mascots, Master Sehat and Miss Sehat, two superheroes committed to helping kids adopt healthy eating habits. Know More