Go Green With Tetra Pak programme

Go Green with Tetra Pak

Go Green with Tetra Pak follows a unique Hub-Spoke strategy where the retail stores act as HUBS and have recycling bins fully made from recycled Tetra Pak cartons. These hubs also receive used cartons from neighbouring SPOKES - community centres like schools, residential societies, corporates, churches, parks, libraries and more. This helps to cut carbon footprint of collecting the empty cartons as its direct connect from consumer to recycler ensures the shortest loop from consumption to collection

Alag Karo

Alag Karo

The Alag Karo program was conceived for the city of Gurugram as an awareness and behavioral change program, to implement source segregation and institutionalize it in residential complexes, schools and commercial establishments. It also looked at building capacities of the waste workers at the back end to improve the recycling rates thus reducing waste burning and dumping. A long-lasting change, beyond the program time period, was a key objective of this program.

Awareness of recycling among school students in India

Project SEARCH

Tetra Pak in association with TERI initiated Project SEARCH which aimed at creating 'Green Agents of Change' by educating students and instilling in them a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Programme focusing on leadership & sustainability

LEADearthSHIP Programme

LEADearthSHIP is a youth programme for graduate and post-graduate students focusing on leadership and business sustainability. It has been launched in partnership with TERI in Delhi-NCR and Pune in 2013.