​​​​​Inclusion solutions for ice cream products

One way of increasing the value of ice cream products is by making them tastier and more eye-catching, delicious and attractive. Chocolates, nuts, fruit, candies, caramel, jam, sauces and fudge are just a small selection of the many types of ingredients that can be added to ice cream with the help of ingredient feeders.

Ingredient pumps and dosers:

  • Tetra Pak® Pump Station
  • Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser for continuous​ dosing
Tetra Pak Ingredient doser

Tetra Pak Ingredient dosers for ice cream products

Ingredient dosing feeders for ice cream products with high dosing accuracy together with a uniform distribution of ingredients in the ice cream.

Tetra Pak® Pump Station

Tetra Pak® Pump Station

Tetra Pak® Pump Station pump stations are built for the accurate supply of liquid ingredients at precise and constant temperatures