Need-based designs - In search of the perfect match

Customer 1: Flex Ability

Products: Milk with different fat contents and yoghurt with different flavours and characteristics is what I’m about. I want to be efficient with bulk products, such as plain milk, but also able to deliver whatever my customers order with a short turnaround time and a low amount of waste, especially for value-added products.

Production requirements: For plain milk, it should be straight forward and efficient, but with maximum flexibility for value-added products. I need minimal product loss and a high package-per-litre rate.

Challenges: Producing a wide range of products using the same setup and without compromising on quality. This includes small batches of specialized offerings. A short production-to-shelf time is a high priority. I also need a system that can adapt to a range of demands. For example, I plan to continuously add new products to my portfolio.

Solution: The Tetra Pak Pasteurizer D is perfect for a variety of milk applications. The unit is easy to adapt and has the ability to bypass different submodules. The compact design and the low-loss balance tank minimize product losses. For more viscous, particulate and high-acid products, both the Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit PFF with tubular heat exchanger and the Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer BF are flexible, adaptable and upgradeable for today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands; delivering first-class performance for nearly all prepared foods and beverages.

Customer 2: Forever Clever

Products: Wherever business takes me! I would like to produce fruit juices and nectars as well as flavoured still drinks.

Production requirements: I serve a small, but growing market and have a limited investment budget. However, as my business grows I will invest in regular upgrades.

Challenges: Providing a diverse line of products that have a long shelf life. Although my initial investment is limited, I don’t want to compromise on safety or product quality.

Solution: For a low investment and future upgradeability, we can match you with the Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer BC for continuous temperature treatment of high-acid beverage products. The unit is an aseptic or hot-fill design with a plate heat exchanger and flexible capacity. For low-acid products we’d also recommend the Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit DC. It’s smart, flexible and future-proof, featuring uncompromising hygiene and safety for low-acid applications. There’s also our Tetra Pak Pasteurizer PFC for applications with higher viscosity or bigger particles.

Need-Based Design

Customer 3: Very Dairy

Products: I produce large amounts of UHT milk with different fat contents (0.5%, 1.5%, 3%) for the European market.

Production requirements: 40-hour running time, low steam consumption and high volume with low operational costs.

Challenges: While the market is generally stable my customers are consolidating, resulting in larger orders. To boost profits I need to produce UHT at a higher efficiency. I’m looking for a high-performance, high-volume solution with minimal downtime and low utility costs.

Solution: A high-performing, high-capacity answer - the Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit DE delivers powerful efficiency for dairy applications at the lowest operating cost. Thanks to features like low steam consumption and a design for optimized cleaning, long runtime and higher uptime, it also offers the lowest environmental footprint.

Customer 4: A Soulmate to Innovate

Products: A wide range of innovative nutritional products for a growing market, ranging from yoghurt drinks to energy and recovery products and convalescence food, is what I make. Since I am also branching out into plant-based beverages - snacks, desserts, soups and baby foods – I am looking for a supplier with both the necessary expertise and a pilot facility to aid in my adoption of new technologies and entrances into new markets. I believe innovation is the key to success and I require a partner that can help me implement new and exciting product concepts by designing and determining the appropriate production solution, including setting the adequate process parameters to secure the high level of quality associated with our brand.

Production: I need a highly flexible and upgradeable heating solution that can quickly be adapted to handle a variety of products with different ingredients, viscosity and particle content, including high value-added, sensitive ingredients, such as vitamins and probiotics.

Challenge: Handling such different products requires a highly automated solution with flexible capacity and innovative features like smart cleaning. It also needs to be extremely adaptable to whatever the future holds.

Solution: The Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit PFF with coiled heat exchanger is remarkably versatile, future proof and offers a low heat load for sensitive formulations. Its exceptional design enables the gentle treatment of particles and very efficient heat transfer, delivering excellent product quality.