Tomorrow’s challenges demand innovation today

As the world and consumers change, the food industry faces several fundamental challenges: from continuously optimising processing and packaging, to offering consumers sustainable products. At Tetra Pak, we believe innovation is the only way to get there – and we plan to lead the way.

Tomorrow’s package design trends

Today’s innovative packaging designs are taking cues from changing consumer attitudes. Find out how you can tap into the latest trends.

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It’s all about collaboration

We believe in partnerships to bring different perspectives to the table.

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Co-creating with customers

Combining our capabilities with our customers’ expertise is a winning recipe for innovation.

Tetra Pak Voices of Innovation

Innovation for the future of food and sustainability

The need for more responsible food production and consumption will continue to create new challenges in the years to come. And meeting those challenges can only be achieved through innovation ecosystems that enable collaboration across all sectors.

At Tetra Pak, we have long embraced the possibilities that come from strong partnerships with academia, tech companies, start-ups and more. Together, we are working to uncover the solutions that will lay the path for a sustainable future for the food and beverage industries. Learn more about how we collaborate and hear from some of today’s leading innovators in this interactive report on the Voices of innovation.

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Latest innovation news

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Let’s collaborate

Collaboration is essential when it comes to innovation.

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Share your idea with us

Do you have an invention within the food and beverage packaging space? We might be interested in further developing it.