Nurture for Nature is an annual year-round environmental education programme driven and implemented by Tetra Pak in schools within Malaysia.

Our objectives for this programme are to:

  • Strengthen awareness among schoolchildren on environmental conservation with a focus on recycling of beverage cartons.
  • Engage schools in initiating recycling of beverage cartons.
  • Help schools build a sustainable recycling system.
Reaching out to one of the selected schools with Tetra Pak’s Nature for Nature school programme.

What we do is simple – our team visits selected schools to give recycling talks and assist in setting up sustainable recycling systems. We connect them to local area collectors, thus enabling the schools themselves to manage their own recycling system.

Our team uses interactive presentations, videos and Q&A sessions during the talk to actively engage the schoolchildren at the schools.

Our Nurture for Nature programme is currently in its 11th year and has reached over 850,000 students in the 7-12 age group in 13 states across 1,333 schools since 2012.

This year, we’re targeting to reach more than 40,000 schoolchildren in 100 schools across Peninsular Malaysia.​

​Date​​/Year 2012 ​2013 ​2014 ​​2015 ​2016 ​2017​​ ​2018​​ ​2019​​ ​2020​​ ​2021​​ ​2021​2
​No. of Schools ​125 ​130 ​150 ​150 ​160 ​165​ ​123​ ​165​ ​21*​ ​59*​ 144
​No. of students reached 1​15,332 ​101,885 ​107,901 ​108,750 ​105,802 ​​​102​​​,520 79,201 ​​​80,010 1,188* 3,972* 49,546

*Programme moved to online sessions due to Movement Control Order in Malaysia.

How to Participate

Every year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, we select new schools to be part of the Nurture for Nature programme, prioritizing those under the National School Milk Program (PS1M).

If you wish to be considered for this programme, kindly register your interest here.

You can utilize our site to locate your school’s nearest commercial collector by using the ​Carton Finder.

Nature for nurture ecoschool program