Hernieuwbaar karton – Renewable carton

We all want sustainable packaging created out of renewable materials but only few people know what the term ‘renewability’ actually means.

Much too often renewability is mistaken for recycling or reuse. To increase consumer knowledge and understanding of renewability and environmental awareness Tetra Pak® started the ‘Hernieuwbaar karton’ (i.e., renewable carton) campaign.

Several Tetra Pak packages display a small on-pack infotorial that explains - the importance - of renewability a little further. Furthermore, there is also a campaign website that contains all kinds of educational and fun information about this topic and also contains a video that shows how beverage cartons are created.

Also, there is a special section for teachers where they can download a curriculum for class. Website visitors are also challenged to design their own package. Discover all this and more on the websites.

Please note that this campaign is only in Dutch and French.