​​​​​2018 Leadership Excellence Awards​

The 2018 Leadership Excellence Awards went to Bulent Kozak, the Factory Director of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who successfully raised the competence and maturity of his organisation in a challenging hiring environment, securing high levels of employee engagement throughout the factory.

His focus on creating an attractive and inclusive work environment has been instrumental in successfully recruiting and integrating significant numbers of talented new employees; securing a sustainable, diverse and motivated workforce.

This leader has also introduced a new organisation structure that supports career progression, ensuring the majority of new-hire requirements can now be filled internally. His ability to embrace and to drive change, as well as with his willingness to collaborate across functions, both in terms of planning and execution, underscore his strong leadership competence.

The EE results of the Factory are consistently above the Tetra Pak results, in the areas of Innovation, Reward and Recognition, Communications and many others.

You can listen to him talk about his pride in his factory and his team here​