​​​​The recycling Carton Game

Almost doubling the carton recycling rate in just four year is a great success, but we’re ambitious. By 2020 we’re aiming for 50% of all beverage cartons in Sweden to be recycled. The approach is to engage children and families through fun and competitions. The Carton Game runs in schools and kindergartens and includes fun activities and competitions to education and inspire children about recycling, the environment and sustainability. A staggering 180,000 children have already been involved and the results speak for themselves. Over three months different matches and competitions are held, with prizes for the best entries awarded at the end of the year.

Recycling in Swedish households is a well-established behaviour. Around 90% of glass and newsprint are recycled, but the recycling of plastic, metal and drink cartons is much lower. The Carton Game lets us communicate messages about the valuable uses for used beverage cartons, at the same time as promoting the ease of recycling packages.

We work in partnership with World Wildlife Fund which co-sponsors the contest and selects three conservation projects each year to highlight in the competition. The Carton Game has its own digital platform www.kartongmatchen.se filled with educational and inspirational materials, videos and exercises for schools and students to get involved.