​​​​Initiatives to increase understanding of sustainable forestry​

Brazil: Social media campaign

In 2016, 88 percent of all Tetra Pak cartons in Brazil carried the Forestry Stewardship Council™ (FSC) label. This is proof of our own and our customers’ commitment to promote packaging renewability and encourage consumers to make savvier choices that protect the future of the planet.

In March 2017, we took this a step further by launching our social media campaign, Tô de Olho ( I´m Watching You). The campaign draws attention to the importance of renewable materials in Tetra Pak cartons, including paper from sustainably managed and certified sources as well as bio-based polymers derived from Brazilian sugarcane ethanol.

Malaysia: From the forest to the shelf and beyond

We partnered with FSC Malaysia to create ‘From the forest to the shelf and beyond’, a four-day event aimed to encourage consumers to buy responsibly sourced FSC-labelled cartons. The event was held in a shopping mall and showed consumers the journey of an FSC-labelled Tetra Pak carton from the forest, to its manufacturing and placement on a store shelf, through to its recycling at the end of life. Among the key brands supporting the campaign were Ace Canning, Amoy, Dutch Lady, Etika, F&N, Linaco, Malaysia Milk, Nestlé and Yeo’s.

China: A pioneering FSC initiative

Since 2010, we have been supporting Tenchong forest farm, a pioneering FSC initiative in southern China. Tenchong forest farm is open to visitors to showcase what FSC is all about. Customers, retailers and the media are able to see first-hand how sustainable forestry can directly benefit communities and the environment while also creating business value. By 2016, the farm had received 80 visitors, including Tetra Pak customers that have since introduced FSC-labelled packages in their product portfolio.

Taiwan: Educating primary schools students

In partnership with the Chinese Society for Environmental Education, we have been running an FSC education programme for primary school students and teachers. The programme features interactive presentations and games on the value of FSC and how choosing FSC-certified products is contributing to a sustainable environment. Since the program was launched in 2014, nearly 4,200 students and 360 teachers have joined. At the same period, the percentage of FSC-labelled Tetra Pak cartons in Taiwan has increased significantly from 31 percent in 2014 to 46 percent in 2016.

Indonesia: FSC business gathering

In Indonesia, we ran our first customer convention on FSC labelling, in partnership with the FSC. The event was attended by 23 people from 12 customer businesses, with discussions around the added value of an FSC label. We also heard from a local tissue producer that has implemented the FSC label, on the business and environmental benefits it has experienced in the process.