Tetra Pak® Moulders
- ice cream moulding machines

The Tetra Pak Moulder range consists of rotary moulded stick novelty machines: the Tetra Pak® Rotary Moulders models and in-line moulded stick novelty machines, and the Tetra Pak® Inline Moulder models.

Tetra Pak Moulder lines are supplied for different capacities and with different degrees of automation. The rotary design of Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder stick novelty freezers is space-saving and avoids the inversion of moulds, minimising product and brine loss. The brine system is completely enclosed so that brine is unable to enter the moulds and contaminate the products.

The Tetra Pak Inline Moulder is designed to meet the requirements of a flexible and reliable moulding machine. It performs at optimal speed and with high capacities, ensuring steady, reliable production. By combining with the Tetra Pak® Multilane Wrapper M1 wrapping machine, you achieve very high efficiency.

We supply a wide range of filling equipment for the production of a variety of stick novelty products. The range includes the Tetra Pak® Bottom Filler for time-elapse filling and the Tetra Pak® Rotary Volumetric Bottom Filler, both multi-purpose units producing numerous exciting stick products.

Tetra Pak®​ Volumetric Bottom Filler easily accommodates bulky inclusions such as pieces of fruit, nuts, chocolate and wine gums, providing endless opportunities to raise the attraction value of new products. If required the bars can be coated with chocolate and dry ingredients after extraction from the moulds.


Model Typical capacity
Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 23 M2 up to 12.000 sticks/hour
Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 M3 up to 18.000 sticks/hour
Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 A2 up to 21.000 sticks/hour
Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 35 M3 up to 27.000 sticks/hour
Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 35 A2 up to 42.000 sticks/hour
Tetra Pak Inline Moulder 1500 M1 up to 30.000 sticks/hour


Actual outlet capacities will depend upon product type, volume and shape

Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 M3