Six secrets to handling the widest range of powders

Working with food powders is complex and can be challenging. Here are six factors that will unlock the full potential and speed up your production:

  • Access the widest and most robust portfolio in the industry
  • Let our experts configure and optimize your solution
  • Increase your line efficiency with patented, innovative features
  • Maximize your powder quality with our hygienic solutions and full ingredient traceability
  • Take your solution for a test drive before you buy
  • Speed up your product innovation to capture growth

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Infant cereal in bowl

All you need to know about powder solutions

Our end-to-end powder handling lines cover bag tipping, dosing, mixing and conveying for everything from sugar to milk powders and flours for infant cereals.

Baby being feed with infant cereal

Three trends you can’t afford to miss

Learn the implications for food producers of booming consumer demand for food safety, hygiene and a desire for options that deliver excellent nutrition. Our increasingly hectic lifestyles are also impacting the need for greater convenience. Baby food powders offer the ideal solution; easy to handle, store and quick to prepare.

Powder handling line

Build your optimal end-to-end powder handling line

Food powders are complex, but building your optimal powder handling line shouldn’t be. We have you covered, all the way from automatic bag tipping, to highly accurate dosing and fast, efficient mixing, cleaning, conveying and packing. Full automation enables digitalization and traceability. With our help, building your optimal end-to-end powder handling line is easy.

Powder solutions end-to-end-line

Optimize operational costs to surpass competitors and boost profits

Our food powder handling lines are designed to optimize costs every step of the way, so you can easily trim your costs, downtime and waste. Fast, easy and accurate mixing, dosing and cleaning – thanks to automated efficiency and smart, ergonomic design – saves you time and energy and reduces costs and waste. That adds up to less time and money spent on each kilogram of product you make.

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