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Tetra Pak pump station

It is now easy to start your ice cream ​journey with our small scale ice cream production solutions with proven technology. You can achieve consistent quality with our robust solutions customized for your needs. Our solutions provide you the smart investment with the flexibility to upgrade with new products any time needed.​

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Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Mix Unit

Model Litres/h Gallons/h

Tetra Pak Ice Cream
Mix Unit 300 M2 - Batch
300 80

Tetra Pak Ice Cream
Mix Unit 600 M2 – Batch
600 160

Tetra Pak Ice Cream
Mix Unit 1200 M2 – Batch
1200 320
Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Mix Unit

Ice cream mix preparation is about creating this sweet, creamy base, to which flavours, colours and other ingredients can later be added. Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Mix units are equipped with components including mixing tank, plate heat exchanger, homogenizer and hot water unit. Our solution is ideally suited to meet requirements of small to medium capacity ice cream production.

Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Mix Unit with its easy installation process is ready for immediate production after connection to utilities

Achieve consistent quality every time

Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S

Model Litres/h Gallons/h

Tetra Pak® Continuous
Freezer S80 A1
100 26

Tetra Pak® Continuous
Freezer S300 M2
70-300 18-80

Tetra Pak® Continuous
Freezer S700 A2
150-700 40-185

Tetra Pak® Continuous
Freezer S1500 A2
300-1500 80-400
Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S

The new-generation Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S series gives you consistently smooth and uniform ice cream every time. These innovative freezers are also easily adaptable to a wide variety of ice cream recipes and enable quick and easy product changes.​

They are also extremely sturdy, built for easy operation and the lowest possible maintenance. That robust design, small footprint and low total cost of ownership means a low production cost per ice cream product – and a smart investment for you.

Time elapse filling module is smart!

Our time elapse filling module is a smart & simple option suitable for our self contained continuous​ freezers for hand filling of cups or containers. The filling module includes one nozzle and a pneumatically operated time elapse filler, which is controlled from the operating panel of the freezer ensuring continuous & accurate filling in coordination with freezer.
man filling strawberry ice cream from machine into glass.
Add more taste to yo​ur ​ice cream

Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser

Model Throughput of
Ingredient Size

Tetra Pak® Ingredient
Doser A3 2000
10-200 lit/h 100-2,000 lit/h 12 mm

Tetra Pak® Ingredient
Doser A3 3000
40-700 lit/h 500-3.500 lit/h 20 mm

​The new Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser helps you make the most out of your ingredients. Thanks to exceptionally accurate dosing and gentle handling of particles, it not only saves you big-time money through accurate dosing of expensive ingredients, it also enables you to achieve uniform product quality.
Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser
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Tetra Pak® Pump Station

Model Litres/h*

Tetra Pak® Pump Station M1.1 40-290

Tetra Pak® Pump Station M1.2 40-290

Tetra Pak® Pump Station M1.3 90-710

*Theoretical capacity. For other capacity requirements
and pump pressure than stated above please contact Tetra Pak.
Tetra Pak® Pump Station

One way of increasing the value of ice cream products is by making them tastier and more eye-catching, delicious and attractive. Tetra Pak® Pump Station is built for the accurate supply of liquid ingredients such as chocolate, fruit, puree, jam, caramel, fudge at precise and constant temperatures. Contact us to make the best ice cream you are looking for.

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Tetra Pak is the world-leading, single-source manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions, equipment and consumables for processing and packaging ice cream.

Working with us means gaining a trusted partner, getting new products to market quickly, investing wisely in the right direction for your business and achieving consistent quality.

We offer complete line solutions to customers in 160 countries through 32 local market companies. In ice cream alone, we have 250 dedicated specialists as well as our own Tetra Pak Ice Cream Academy in Denmark, where we work with you to develop ice cream recipes, products and processing solutions.
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Bruno Gelato

Only the best is good enough fo​​​r premium ​ice crea​m brand Bruno Gelato

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Bachir Ice Cream

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