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6 secrets to handling the widest range of powders with our expertise

Working with food powders is complex. So how can you make all the complexities of food powders work for you, so you can start producing the widest range of powder products and capturing growth in new segments? To do it, you need flexible end-to-end production lines and the most food powder expertise you can mobilize.

Build your optimal end-to-end powder handling line

Food powders are complex, but building your optimal powder handling line shouldn’t be. We have you covered, all the way from automatic bag tipping, to highly accurate dosing and fast, efficient mixing, cleaning, conveying and packing. Full automation enables digitalization and traceability. You get full support with expert services to keep your lines running at nominal performance for their entire lifetime. With our help, building your optimal end-to-end powder handling line is easy.

Optimize operational costs to surpass competitors and boost profits

Our food powder handling lines are designed to optimize costs every step of the way, so you can easily trim your costs, downtime and waste. Fast, easy and accurate mixing, dosing and cleaning – thanks to automated efficiency and smart, ergonomic design – saves you time and energy and reduces costs and waste. That adds up to less time and money spent on each kilogram of product you make.

Secure food safety with the most hygienic and traceable powder handling solutions in the industry

Increasing hygiene specifications and growing consumer concerns about contamination risk – especially for sensitive powder products like infant formula – means you are under more pressure than ever to secure the safety of your products. To keep products, and consumers, safe, you need powder handling solutions with dedicated lines to prevent cross product contamination, enable foreign materials’ removal, limit powder breakage and handle allergens. Our solutions come with the highest hygiene and cleanability combined with automation for full traceability to secure food safety.
Get full support with our expert services

With Tetra Pak Services you can upgrade your Powder Handling Solutions

We stay until your powder handling lines are up and running as expected – and we provide the full support you need for maintenance, training and more, to keep them running on target for their entire lifetime. We also offer optimization and upgrades, whether your goal is to increase volumes or expand your product range. You can benefit from our new developed technologies or unlock full potential of your existing production line partnering with us.

Processing Equipment for Powder Handling

Tetra Pak® Big Bag Tipping unit SA VS800

Tetra Pak® Big Bag Tipping unit SA VS800

The Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit SA VS800 is all about powder handling efficiency.

Tetra Pak® Pneumatic Conveyor PDP FO

Tetra Pak® Pneumatic Conveyor PDP FO

The Tetra Pak® Pneumatic Conveyor PDP FO conveys fragile, sensitive or abrasive powders or granulated products over long distance and high elevation.

Powder Feeder DN061

Tetra Pak® Powder Feeder DN061

The Tetra Pak® Powder Feeder DN061 is an accurate, versatile and efficient feeder.

Tetra Pak® Powder Mixer B

Tetra Pak® Powder Mixer B

Our new portfolio of the Tetra Pak® Powder Mixer B for powder ingredients comprises three batch paddle mixers, specifically designed for quick, accurate and gentle powder-to-powder mixing for all kinds of powder ingredients in food production.

Tetra Pak® Big Bag Filling unit S DB006

Tetra Pak® Big Bag Filling unit S DB006

The Tetra Pak® Big Bag Filling unit S DB006 enables easy filling. The solution meets high hygienic standards.