​​​​​​A comprehensive approach to learning

Tetra Pak Academy offers a comprehensive business-driven learning portfolio that can be aligned with individual development needs, helping people develop the competences needed to support our own growth and that of our customers, and to realize their own potential. It also coordinates and manages learning activities across all Tetra Pak locations and functions. By bringing all our learning activities under one umbrella, we can avoid duplication, ensure that content and messages are aligned, simplify access to learning and clearly identify strategic priorities.

All employees have access to Tetra Pak Academy Online, a virtual learning library with a broad range of materials from thought leaders and business schools around the world. The online tool allows each profile to be customised so that every employee has a bespoke development experience.

The focus during 2016 was development our five strategic capabilities. We saw a significant increase in consumption of learning (captured in our Learning Management Systems), with the total number of learning hours increasing by 30 percent and the total number of consumed courses increasing by 113 percent.