Spreading knowledge around spreadable cheese

Spreadable cheese is today so much more than just a spread. It can be a cake topping, an on-the-go snack, a cooking condiment or even a topping for green tea. It can be chilled or ambient, high or low-fat, made with fresh milk or recombined powders. Whatever the spreadable cheese products in your portfolio, to taste success you’ll need a combination of market insights, technical knowhow and expertise in the product itself – all of which you can find here.
Cream cheese, figs, and herbs on breadboard

Movie - Tea time

Adding cream cheese to tea, naigai tea, is a huge trend in China that’s catching on in Europe, too. Watch our film for the full story

Movie - Tea time

Adding cream cheese to tea, naigai tea, is a huge trend in China that’s catching on in Europe, too. Watch our film for the full story
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Consumer trends and implications for food producers

Learn the implications for food producers of booming consumer demand for clean label, healthy and sustainable products.

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Opportunities ahead

Spreadable cheese market is a global growth market. Where are the top opportunities?


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Achieve sustainable and flexible food production

Here’s how to achieve both sustainability and flexibility when producing dressings and spreads.

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Flexible friend

Production flexibility is essential in an increasingly segmented market.

Science of mouthfeel

The science of mouthfeel

The right texture is crucial to how consumers experience cheese spreads.


Achieving lowest possible TCO

Learn why it’s crucial to think beyond the price tag and to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) before you invest.


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A fresh look at spreadable cheese

We have been exploring the production of spreadable cheese for years. Now we’d like to invite you to start thinking of your spreadable cheese processes in a new way.

From idea to product inforgraphic

From idea to commercial product

Learn how our food technologists and process experts can help you turn your idea into a commercial product.

High Shear Mixer for Cheese

We can be heroes

Successful spreadable cheese processing hinges on several ”hero technologies”.

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Problem solved

What are the main production challenges in spreadable cheese – and how to solve them?

Best-practice line for spreadable cheese

Best-practice lines for spreadable cheese

Our goal is to make you more innovative, more effective and more competitive. Find out more in our leaflet.

White cheese in Tetra Classic Aseptic carton package

Packaging for spreadable cheese

Tetra Classic® Aseptic is suitable for juice drinks, milk, ice-lollies, spreadable cheese and other viscous products.