​​Tetra Pak® Casomatic system MC S​

- continuous whey drainage and cheese shaping

Tetra Pak® Casomatic system MC S provides a fully automated and continuous system for whey-drainage, gravity pre-pressing, accurate cheese block formation and mould filling in one sequence.

Tetra Pak Casomatic system MC S is suitable for the production of round eyed semi-hard cheese types. By adding a de-wheying screen, granular types of cheese can also be produced. Other cheese types and dimensions are possible on request.

Tetra Pak ​Casomatic system MC ​S​ offers the following advantages:

  • Low investment
  • Flexibility in cheese types
  • Flexibility in size
  • Accurate cheese weights
  • Hygienic design​
Tetra Pak Tebel MC-S