Intelligent Customization: The heat of the moment

Tetra Pak now offers food and drink producers full customization of their heating solutions with our industry-first modular portfolio.

We’ve launched Intelligent Customization, an innovative portfolio of modules, that helps provide tailor-made heating solutions to meet manufacturers’ diverse needs.

The new modular portfolio brings together the company’s leading technologies and global expertise in dairy, beverages and prepared food into one streamlined approach. Based on the modularity of the platform, every heating solution can now be uniquely designed and tailored for each customer.

Design directions: a need-to-know basis

To help us understand just what you need, so we can deliver the best possible solution, we use an approach called “design directions”. Your answers to our specific, design-oriented questions show us exactly what direction to take when devising the optimal heating solutions for your business.

How important is utility consumption to you?

  • We look at your necessary minimum steam, water and energy consumption per litre of product, keeping in mind local utility costs, overheads and environmental concerns.

What running time do you need?

  • We examine your production hours in between cleanings, depending on product, capacity and demand.

How does heat load on product affect your quality demands?

  • Different products like milk, cream, juices with particles or plant-based products, require different processes and heat treatment. For example, we can design your heat exchanger to achieve minimum lactulose value in UHT milk as well as gentle treatment for products containing particles to maintain their integrity.

How much flexibility do you need?

  • We consider your current range of products and plans for growth. Being future proof means you can add performance-enhancing extras whenever you need them.

How do you balance investment cost with operational cost?

  • If the lowest possible investment cost is a top priority for you right now, you can invest in reliable technology to precisely fit your production capacity today, but still have the possibility to grow with tomorrow’s needs.

Future goals: a fluid solution

Each business has different concerns when it comes to what they produce, how much they produce and long-term plans. Whatever the size and shape of your operation, we can create a custom solution that’s adaptable, upgradeable and future proof.

Here are some examples.

Are you looking for… 

Intelligent Customization

Smart value? 

If initial investment is a high priority, consider a robust and reliable machine that keeps safety in focus. A good idea would be to consider the Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer BC, the Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit DC or the Tetra Pak Pasteurizer PFC, depending on your application. Both solutions allow you to start smart, but are fully upgradeable, so you aren’t compromising growth.

Highest operational efficiency?

Our state-of-the-art solutions are ultra-efficient and feature the longest running times. One model to consider is the Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit DE with tubular or plate heat exchanger. While it may require a larger initial investment, the long-term savings it delivers mean you’re getting the lowest total cost of ownership. In terms of sustainability, you get low steam consumption, plus a design for optimized cleaning, long runtime and higher uptime, which means the smallest environmental footprint.


If your priority is producing a wide range of products with the same system and in different batch sizes, you don’t have to compromise on quality. For instance, both the Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer BF and the Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit PFF with tubular heat exchanger are flexible, adaptable and upgradeable for today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands; delivering first-class performance for nearly all prepared foods and beverages. The Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer D fulfils the same needs, but for low-acid dairy applications. Feel confident producing a diverse selection of small batches or large orders, while continuously adding new products to your portfolio.

Heating Solutions

Our modular portfolio is built up on a seamless integration between process technology, automation and mechanical design. The portfolio is built upon several sub-systems addressing specific functional requirements. Within each sub-system we have the possibility to vary the solution based on specific customer needs in relation to their products, operational performance and CAPEX requirements. 

Determining these requirements allows us to select appropriate sub-system variants, which are integrated into a streamlined approach.

With this approach, our heating solutions are tailor made and every customer gets the right heating solution for them, with the performance they require.

The new Tetra Pak heating platform incorporates:

  • A shared platform for all applications (dairy, beverage and food)
  • A common look and feel (design, functions, components, same HMI interface)
  • Predictive maintenance and traceability
  • More simplicity; less complexity
  • Easy upgradability to meet increasing demands as your business grows

This new customized modular portfolio integrates seven heating solutions into one process platform, offering consistent features and functionality, as well as maximum flexibility for a range of present and future heating needs. These integrated heating solutions cover the following categories: dairy, beverages and prepared foods.

Mechanical design

We offer compact designs with small footprints, yet increased serviceability and feature service areas that are optimized for easy access. All designs have common drain points, connecting points and main cable tracks to make installation smooth and operator - or service technician - friendly. The module is designed to be accommodating and upgradable to support both today’s and tomorrow’s demands. For instance, the solutions can be enhanced to support product expansion by easily adding new subsystems, as well as adapted to your individual process layout.


The modular program is tailored to perfectly fit customer needs. The architecture makes it easy to modify, integrate and develop. The new heating platform is also equipped with a new human-machine interface (HMI). The HMI displays information when needed and at any position – at the machine, in the control room, in both or via your own interface. The graphical user interface effectively displays information for everything from layout to screen colours and symbols. The interaction between humans and the computer makes the whole process seamless and synergetic, making sure operators of every experience level can easily control the system. More experienced users can utilize the advanced functions to gain even greater efficiency.

Process and product: the hea(r)t of the matter

At the heart of your line is one of four different types of heat exchanger: plate, tubular, coiled or scraped surface. Each model is designed for a range of specific applications. To match your needs with the right model, we need to know a few things about your production process, such as ingredients, capacity, viscosity, distribution, temperature program, and particle and salt content. Once we are intimately familiar with your production process, current situation and long-term goals, we can work together to deliver the best possible solution.

At Tetra Pak, we have developed our own tools to further optimize the heat-treatment process. Our unique thermal calculation program, Quantum, delivers the optimal heat exchanger configuration for you, with the right amount of heat treatment, while minimizing the likelihood of over-processing. For products containing particles, we use PartCalc to guarantee the right heat treatment, as well as particle distribution and product quality.