Cheese pressing

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pressing equipment for cheese

Cheese blocks are formed with use of vertical columns or pre-press vats upstream the pressing system. The shape and weight of cheese block can be various and depends on customer's choice. Cheese blocks from the drainage/moulding area are moulded, covered with a lid and transported to the final pressing system. Time and pressing force can be adjusted and vary from one cheese type to another. 

After final pressing, the moulds are emptied and the cheese is transferred to a brining room. Moulds are cleaned in a cleaning tunnel after each cycle and transported back to the draining/moulding.
Tetra Pak Pressing systems are fully automated and are available in different executions (open, closed and container type) dependent of the application, requirements and/or capacity.​

Mould handling equipment for cheese

Tetra Pak® Mould Handling system

The Tetra Pak® Mould Handling system is an advanced solution used for pressing and forming of semi-hard and hard cheeses in closed presses with complete mould and lid handling. ​

  • [Tetra Pak Mould Handling system](/processing/pressing/tetra-pak-mould-handling-system

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