Get your cosmetics product recipes just right –​ with end-to-end solutions that maximize the flexibility and minimize the operational costs of your line.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colour cosmetics ​​​lines for makeup products

Eye shadow, lip-liner, lip gloss, nail polish and mascara. These are all popular products, but consumer tastes change fast and volumes tend to be small. Tetra Pak can help you get your cosmetics product recipes just right –​ with end-to-end solutions that maximize the flexibility and minimize the operational costs of your line.

Economies without scale

To boost margins on lower volume products, Tetra Pak brings you a range of compact equipment with a production capacity of 30 – 40 litres/hr. Our so-called ‘table-top’ lines contain all the functions you need, built into a single frame so operators can remain stationary while working.

Lower total cost for you cosmetics line

We’ve built in several efficiency-enhancing features to bring you a colour cosmetics line that’s not only affordable, but delivers savings over the long term. For example, highly-efficient electric motors to reduce energy consumption; an automatic cleaning system to reduce water consumption; and a powerful mixer that eliminates the need for premixing.

Recipe accuracy for perfect makeup

In colour cosmetics, rule number one is to get the colour right. Nobody wants a Russian Red lipstick with a pink tinge! Thanks to our unique integrated solution, whereby the mixer and supporting modules are all connected and automatically controlled, you get the exact colour you want every time. You get just the right amount of pigment to perfectly match to the standard, and a recipe that’s 100% replicable.

Fast and flexible

Whether you’re making eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara or nail polish, our mixers are designed to handle production effortlessly – regardless of viscosity. Moreover, our high shear mixer speeds up your processing time. Shorter batch times mean you can produce faster and, as an added bonus, plan your production more accurately.

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