​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Processing lines for ​Skin care ​​products

The market for facial moisturisers, cleansers and hand & body lotion is growing steadily, with today’s products targeting male as well as female consumers. With our efficient end-to-end solutions, Tetra Pak helps you produce accurate, repeatable formulae and succeed in this competitive business.

High viscosity

We offer specific technologies to cater for the highly viscous products which are typical in this category. First, a super-efficient high shear mixer that’s capable of rapidly mixing powders and viscous ingredients. Second, our skincare mixing vessels are equipped with contra-rotating agitators as standard. Their impellers and scrapers are designed to work together and keep the product moving so you get a good, homogenous result. For the production of even more viscous, high margin products like foundation cream, we can provide a customized agitator.

Smooth introductions

To ensure quick and effective mixing and guarantee a smooth end product, our proven lines for skin care products include a vacuum system. This automatically sucks the raw ingredients into the main mixer, allowing you to transfer a large volume of ingredients beneath the liquid level and mix them almost instantaneously.

New formulae

Why not bring your own materials to one of our pilot plants in Jakarta or Shanghai?  Equipped with three different kinds of mixers, you can easily find out which one gets the best results.  Our application experts are on hand to support you, and can carry out detailed lab tests on your results after the trial. Meanwhile, you can take your sample home for use in focus groups or consumer tests.

Cold water?​

For the highest overall production efficiency, take advantage of Tetra Pak’s patented CoDE3 technology. Enabling the creation of an emulsion from cold water, CoDE3 speeds up production time significantly, and since there is no need to heat the water, you save energy too. Talk to us about how CoDE3 could significantly reduce the total overall cost of your operation.

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