We strive to ensure that individuals are free from harm during every project and activity. We believe that working as a team is the best way to achieve our aim of zero accidents and work-related illnesses.

Our approach

Our approach

Safe and healthy, every day, everywhere: our group-wide approach emphasises that health and safety does not only apply to factories; it affects all of us. In 2016, we launched our global occupational health and safety (OHS) policy, supported by a management system aligned to OHSAS 18001. This further confirms how OHS is a key part of the strategy for all our business functions and our approach is underpinned by our core values.

Safety culture

Building a safety culture

The nature of our operational work and the equipment our people work with every day brings with it safety risks that include machinery safety, working at height, forklift trucks, cutting and welding, driving, heavy lifting and manual handling.

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Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing has, until 2017, been managed by our local markets, and as a result there have been variations in best practices region-by-region. We have initiated a programme to provide a more holistic, centralised approach with rolling initiatives and consistent governance to drive improvements, irrespective of where our people live in the world.

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