Tetra Pak® Indonesia supports the launch of the first thick Greek yogurt in Indonesia

Heavenly Blush gets a taste of innovation with Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 200 Square packaging

Tetra Pak® Indonesia supports the launch of the first thick Greek yogurt in Indonesia

Heavenly Blush gets a taste of innovation with Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 200 Square packaging.

Tetra Pak Indonesia offered an innovative solution to the Yogurt Wellness Specialist, Heavenly Blush (Nutrifood Indonesia) to produce Indonesia's first thick Greek yogurt in an aseptic packaging.  Previously, the company introduced Greek yogurt as a spoon-able product with chilled distribution. This classic flavor Greek yogurt comes in Tetra Prisma Aseptic 200 square packaging which gives consumers a new sensory feeling with the easy to grip shape and an extended telescopic straw.

Greek yogurt is thicker (700 pps) than the regular one that Heavenly Blush has already marketed. Therefore, together with Tetra Pak Indonesia's team, the customer developed a research on how to fit such a form into the Aseptic carton packaging because of these three concerns: high viscosity of the product; usually packed on cup format; and previously has shorter shelf life.

The Sales team of Tetra Pak Indonesia take a lead in offering integrated solution to the customer while involving other functions including Marketing, Processing and Indonesia based Cluster Application Manager. For this development, Tetra Pak Indonesia offered Heavenly Blush a learning from a similar case that had been resolved previously in other country, to understand the critical point of this product. After the third trials, Tetra Pak Indonesia and Heavenly blush finally found the correct formulation, ingredient, and production process for this product with the support and help from Modena-based Tetra Pak's global yogurt experts.  During the process, the customer also get support from Tetra Pak's facility in Shanghai as well as Singapore's PDC. In addition, the local and central processing teams played a significant role to assist the customer during factory facility upgrade.


With the support from Tetra Pak Indonesia team, Heavenly Blush is able to strengthen its position as the pioneer in providing thick Greek yogurt that fits with their consumer's activities, as well as maintaining the overall excitement in yogurt category in Indonesia.

Tetra Pak Indonesia also extended its support by assisting Heavenly Blush in introducing this new product during the pipelining at Indomaret chain on May 2017. As for the grand launching itself, it will take place on January 2018.