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We offer complete, end-to-end solutions for all kinds of hair care products, including shampoo, stylish agents, conditioners, hair colouring, salon haircare, 3-in-1 products, hair relaxants and baby haircare products. Whether you’re looking to increase recipe accuracy, speed up production, reduce energy consumption, or drive down the total overall cost of your operations, you’ll find what you need in our portfolio.

More shampoo

Shampoo accounts for the largest share of haircare products and is also the fastest growing category. You can take full advantage of this with Tetra Pak’s efficient solutions for volume production. Featuring our patented CoDE3 system, our shampoo, hair-colourant and conditioning lines are characterized by their low energy consumption and high speed. They can create an emulsion with cold water, which speed up production time significantly. And since there is no need to heat the water, you save energy too.

Get the mixing right

In any mixing operation, the level of agitation in the vessel must be sufficient to mix the product thoroughly, regardless of its viscosity.  To take care of every need, we offer systems with a super-efficient high shear mixer at the bottom and impellers and scrapers at the top.  For the production of non-viscous products, a simple agitation system may suffice. For more viscous products, we recommend contra-rotating agitators. Rotating the impellers and scrapers in opposite directions, this keeps even the stickiest product moving around the tank, thereby ensuring effective heat transfer and a perfectly mixed product.

Optimize cleaning

A Tetra Pak automatic cleaning system (CIP) automatically optimizes the cleaning cycle of your haircare production line according to which type of product was last run. By varying the pressure and temperature of the water, the use of detergents and the length of cleaning time, it prevents wasting precious resources.

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