What would happen if you increased homogenization pressure or changed the temperature? How do you go from a retort process to a UHT process… or from a batch process to a continuous process?

Tetra Pak Product Development Centres

Man testing food product in lab

​Your possibilities in a nutshell

Located in the US, Sweden, Singapore, ​China, Japan, India and Brazil, our Product Development Centres (PDC's) are a great resource for developing into new products and categories. We also have specialized centres for ice cream in Denmark, evaporation and drying in the Netherlands, and powders in France.​

  • Highly flexible industrial pilot-plant facility
  • Cost-effective product trials and in-house testing
  • Experienced food technologists and engineers
  • Processing, packaging and powder handling equipment
  • Global experience and application expertise
  • Close collaboration, full confidentiality

So how can we help you? Read more and see 10 examples in ​A taste of things to come, Product Development Centres​ (pdf) ​​​​​​

Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts

Want proof? Try this authentic style Greek yoghurt

After a series of comparative tests at the PDC, this yoghurt got just the right creamyness an​d is now a bigseller in US supermarkets. Using Tetra Pak ultra filtration technology the producer reach superior product quality while generating up to 50% higher protein retention and up to 10% better yield.

​For more examples, download brochure Moving Food Forward. Together​ (pdf)​

Map showing our PDC's - Product Development Centres

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