​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How can you contribute?


Dispose Responsibly

It's in your hands to make a difference to the environment and impact the lives of others. All you need to do is dispose the ​recyclable Tetra Pak cartons responsibly. Here's how: ​

Recycles Juice and milk cartons

After you fully empty the contents, rinse and flatten the Tetra Pak cartons.

Keep dry recyclables such as Tetra Pak cartons with other dry waste, before handing these over to the waste collector.

 Do Bin

If you dispose your empty Tetra Pak cartons in this manner, your local waste collector will get clean material and can earn better.

Tetra Pak works closely with the waste traders to educate them that Tetra Pak cartons are fully recyclable and are highly valued by recyclers. Collected cartons are sent to paper mills and other recyclers to be made into useful products such as paper, furniture and roofing sheets.

Spread Awareness

You can pledge to recycle and spread awareness by educating those around you on the recyclability of Tetra Pak cartons.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Meet a teacher who has made recycling Tetra Pak cartons her mission

Dispose Responsibly & contribution

If you are a resident of Mumbai you can also join our 'Go Green' initiative. Click on the link to find out more about where to drop used cartons in Mumbai.

Download our Sustainability Reports

Protecting the Future: Tetra Pak Environment & Social Report 2012

(pdf, 6738 KB)

Driving Source Segregation: Doh-Bin Report from IPCA

(pdf, 1376 KB)

Where do used cartons go? Post Consumer Carton Management Report from TERI

(pdf, 1252 KB)

Repulpability & Paper making potential of used cartons: Report from CPPRI

(pdf, 714 KB)