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Consumer awareness

A recycling station in a shop, and a mobile recycling station on the street

The Cartons Clean consumer awareness and education recycling programme, a partnership among Tetra Pak, Vitasoy and MilMill, targets recycling from three angles: collection, education and the actual recycling.

It focuses on expanding collection by deploying 360 bins in schools and public areas. On education by establishing a carton recycling education center in the recycler’s plant and running a mobile cartons recycling education center for schools and communities. And on recycling, by bringing on-board a recycler partner.

On the education side of the programme, the carton recycling education centre in the recycler’s plant is up and running and open for visits from students and the public in general. Secondary schools get a special Eco-Talk when they visit.

To expand the reach, the centre now has become mobile – a truck has been converted and the content of the education centre concentrated to fit a smaller space. There are also more interactive activities on carton recycling included.

Screen shot of beverage carton sustainability center VR-application

To improve understanding around the carton life cycle and recycling process, an online education center and virtual tour of the recycling facility is now available. Consumers can see online how cartons are transformed into new materials – and what once was a complex recycling processes, now is visible and easy to follow.

One of the key goals of the Cartons Clean recycling programme is to ensure the material quality and prevent the hygiene issues in collection sites. For that a “cleaning recycling” is promoted with simple steps to follow: remove the straw, empty and wash the package, flatten and put it in the collection bin.

In addition, consumers can find collection bin locations on Vitasoy’s website and MilMill’s Facebook.

In 2020 alone, 137 tons of used cartons were recycled from the collection bins and the educational portion reached 24,000 individuals.

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