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Cow mascot at school eco fair

The Eco Caravan Program is a one-day eco fair that happens at selected participating schools which are part of the Care and Share Program. The event engages students to be more conscious in caring for the environment, including segregating waste and recycling, especially focusing on carton recycling. Brands like Nestle and Coca-Cola Philippines also contribute by sponsoring individual schools. To be able to attend the fair and gain entry to the event venue, students have to accumulate a certain number of flattened and cleaned cartons.

During the fair, students participate in activities like racing and competing with other student groups in performing particular tasks that are related to the principles of circular economy, and raising awareness to carton packages recyclability. The activities help students understand and appreciate how important it is to care for the environment.

The fair also contributes with additional carton package volume for the Care and Share Collection Drive across the school network.

School children with cleaned and flattened cartons in front of recycling stand

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